The Pegasus kit is the premiere kit in Bibby's collection...a magnificent model of the winged horse from Greek mythology. This kit features 13 gears, a 4-bar-linkage mechanism, two solid brass links and other linkages and mechanical delights. All screws are brass. This kit is a dream come true to anyone interested in mechanisms, kinetic sculptures, or beautiful models. The kit is assembled using common wood glue and comes with a small paint brush to make to process easy.When completed, you have a kinetic sculpture that when hand-cranked, will show the Pegasus figure flying through the air as his mighty wings flap and his legs gallop and his tail wags. Assembly time is between 3 and 4 hours. Great weekend project to do with your 8 -10 year old kids or do it on your own if you're older. Complete assembly videos are free for the watching as well as a downloadable fully photo-illustrated manual in pdf form. This kit is considered medium skill to assemble. Bibby's guarantees you will not be frustrated putting this kit together. It assembles like a dream with no ill-fitting parts or poor designs. Just take each step one at a time and enjoy the experience. All you need to finish this kit is a small bottle of wood glue, some masking tape, a small screwdriver, and some baby/talcum powder. A small piece of sandpaper or an Emory board is helpful but not required.

pegasus01_thumb pegasus02_thumb pegasus03_thumb pegasus04_thumb pegasus05_thumb
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