The Seahorse kit is a wonderful automata that beautifully captures the gentle and tranquil movements of seahorses. As you hand-crank the model the gears and linkages will start to move and the seahorses will gently bob up and down as they turn side to side. The outside housing is laser engraved with all sorts of sea creatures. All screws & nuts and the two links are solid brass. This kit is sure to satisfy the mechanically or artistically inclined individual. Made almost entirely out of laser-cut poplar plywood, it assembles very easily with no glue and only two screwdrivers. Assembly time is between 1 and 2 hours. Great weekend project to do with your 8 -10 year old kids or do it on your own if you're older. Complete assembly videos are free for the watching as well as a downloadable fully photo-illustrated manual in pdf form. This kit is considered medium to simple to assemble. Bibby's guarantees you will not be frustrated putting this kit together. It assembles like a dream with no ill-fitting parts or poor designs.


Stop-motion animation of Seahorses

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